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3 million in and is now one of the most protected books of its age in the world. 2 were to hit the market, it would probably be at the top of this most expensive comic books in history list. 39 million ( about $ 11. Some books, in particular, have matched their literary worth with a price tag. For a book to the most expensive book be worth several millions of dollars it needs to be written by a famous author have a controversial or highly important subject and be a few 100 years old. More the most the most expensive book expensive book videos. There are 10 of the most expensive and rarest books in the world.

Unfortunately for us and not so unfortunate for its owner, the book has not been sold since 1994. Amongst this list of expensive books, most are ancient texts that bear significant historical value and some are literature works by hugely celebrated authors. For a good idea of just how valuable, take a look at the ten most expensive comics of all time. Cuthbert gospel is one of the most valuable religious books in the world and it is also known as the st. To date, the most expensive copy was sold for $ 11. What makes this so remarkable is that this the most expensive book isn’ t even the first appearance of the character. Most expensive copy to sell the most expensive book on abebooks - a first edition for $ 11, 000 in. With the price of $ 120. 8 out of 5 stars 7 ratings. Top 10 most expensive books in the world subscribe to alux: youtube.

Recently, a rare first- edition copy of “ harry potter and the philosopher’ s stone” the most expensive book sold for $ 90, 000 at auction, mainly because the title was misspelled and the book itself contained typos. John or also sometimes called the stonyhurst gospel. Intelligent systems: technology and applications – $ 2, 515. When you look at every other book that is one- of- a- kind, the most expensive book and you factor in how sought after this one is, it’ s safe to say that codex leicester is the the most expensive book most rarest book in the world. The entrepreneur scanned many of the pages and used them as screensavers for windows 95. Considered the holy grail of comic books, action comics # 1 is the first appearance of superman. 8 copy of x- men # 1 was sold, it became the highest sale for this book of all time.

Here is the list of top 10 most expensive books in the world. Eight of the 10 most expensive auctioned cars are ferraris. A copy of it was bought for $ 14. Codex leicester is the most expensive book top most expensive book n the world with the total worth about more than 30 million its really huge amount for only one book but more famous all over. And second, apparently, a church collection, the same one that the mentioned flash # 1 is apart of, exists. Yes, a book of this age at 9. Let the journey begin! In, superman # 1 sold for a whopping $ 507, 500. They are now worth an astronomical $ 21. Whether or not the character deserves the attention is for another list. Investors and collectors alike flocked to get a piece of comic book history.

Unlike other books on this list, it may not be worth what it is perceived to be. These prices can vary, but all in all, they are usually on the high end of the pricing spectrum. There are countless rare books in the world, but by most experts' standards the rarest of them all is the gutenberg bible. When the comic movie ride is over, wonder woman and her value will still stand tall.

Although it is commonly referred to as the magna carta, its official name is the magna carta libertatum. The first of two supermanappearances on this list, superman # 1 is deserving to be here. 10 captain america comics # 1 - $ 353, 000. What makes this book so impressive is that it is “ only” graded a 9. 3 million) the st. Cuthbert gospel ( $ 14. It the most expensive book was bought by the british library for $ 14. Download it once and read it on your kindle device, pc, phones or tablets. 2 - - $ 326, 000. It’ s absolutely amazing how much a slight corner ding, a staple bend, or a stress mark can affect the value of a book.

The birds of america. The product of a frenzied bidding war, batman # 1, graded 9. The tales of beedle the bard – $ 3. On friday, christie' s new york auctioned a copy of john james audubon' s birds of the most expensive book america, which already holds the title of most valuable printed book in the world, having sold the most expensive book for about $ 11. This book, if in a higher grade may have very well been the most expensive book on this list. The rothschild prayerbook( $ 13.

It the most expensive book contains his thoughts on why the moon is luminous and how to find fossils. Only for rich the most expensive book book: the most expensive book 0th edition by the quattro ave maria ( author) 2. 10 the day after tomorrow, allan folsom, 1993 $ 2 million this book is considered as the highest- priced book in the history of publishing. 165 million by the american financier david rubenstein.

2 joined the upper echelon of comic book sales when it climbed to just over $ 500, 000. The value certainly doesn’ t come from its size as it measures just 138 millimeters by 92 millimeters. More the most expensive book images. At the time of the sale of this book, which by the way is graded 9. Rowling' s the tales of beedle the bard. Unlike some of the other books and characters on this list that have increased due to the current state of comic book popularity, wonder woman is and will forever be timeless. Though it is difficult to track the the most expensive book statistics, some bookstore owners claim that the bible is the most shoplifted book on their shelves! 6 and the same book graded 9. I say let’ s take a look at the most expensive book the most expensive e- books ever and find out which one is the most expensive! But the increasing commercialisation of our favorite comic book heroes has made the original and traditional renderings of these heroes all the more valuable, and the the most expensive book hardcore fanatics are cashing the most expensive book in.

It was last sold at an auction in 1994 to bill gates for $ 30. While $ 90, 000 is a lot of money, that price tag is minuscule compared to what the books on this list have sold for. 16 million, there are four other copies of action comics # 1 that have raked in the most expensive book a million or more. Expensive bibles. 4 million in 1978.

This book, as you probably are aware, boasts the first appearance of the joker, catwoman( formerly the cat), and hugo strange. Of course, having the first issue of a character as iconic as superman is something to brag about and i can’ t say as though i’ d turn it down if i ever had the chance. Tolkien, which can fetch up to £ 40, 000 - but only the most expensive book if its in perfect condition and features a typo corrected by. 12 world’ s most expensive books sold and valued at 8 to 50 million u. To add to its uniqueness, the book was originally printed in folio form or as loose leaf pages that the owner would then get bound to their preference.

Most expensive comic books of the golden age # 11- 25. See full the most expensive book list on moneyinc. The codex leicester is the most expensive book in the form of a journal and contains just 72 pages. The the most expensive book list of comic books and figures mentioned below have been compiled from various sources around the web, such as cbr.

Well, wait no longer, here’ s a list of the 20 most expensive comic books in the world. It is of historical significance as it is a charter that was agreed by king john of england that dates back to june 15th, 1215. Not only is he arguably the most recognizable character in comics. 5 m) – paid by vanisha’ s billionaire father lakshmi. The most surprising thing is that there are known copies of both 9. In general some books are more expensive because of the research involved the most expensive book and limited number of copies used in the market place, " observes bobby brannigan, ceo and founder of valore books, who.

The book was created in 1640, approximately 20 years after the pilgrims had arrived in cambridge massachusetts. Bay psalm book ( price –. If that doesn’ t impress you, the most expensive book know that this one almost never goes for sale. First, there is another graded 9. Gospels of henry the lion. From the papyrus scrolls used in the ancient egypt and the manuscripts in the monasteries of the middle ages, books evolved into what we know today and even appeared more and more in digital form. The second the most expensive book most valuable book on the list is a first edition of the hobbit by j. Both its age and its historical significance are what has made this document have such an astronomical value. Instead of listing the biggest sales ever, we' ll stick to the most expensive copy of each title rather than listing every notable sale of " action comics" # 1, for example.

He bought it from old south church in boston. Also known as the stonyhurst gospel, this book is one of the most valuable religious books urizen in the world. 0 is impressive but understand, if it was a 9. See full list on comicbasics. For this to sell above a million is startling. 8 million ( $ 53. Many of the rules outlined in the magna carta were the most expensive book further developed at a later date and became rules of constitutional law. It was compiled by several different artists.

What are the most valuable rare books? Wedding $ 55 m in, vanisha mittal and amit bhatia were married at a six- day event in versailles, france, at a cost of $ 55 m ( £ 28. About $ 250, 000. What book is the world' s most shoplifted? The gutenberg bible was the the most expensive book first movable bible printed in europe. What’ s incredible is if that 9.

Most expensive rare books ever sold 1. My trip to ethiopia with our sister company comics for cause confirmed this. He is, well, superman! Look, gal gadot, like linda carter before her, is this generations wonder woman. It was fairly early in king' s career that the most expensive book limited editions of his books began to appear, most notably the dark tower cycle; king himself apparently thought those books too weird for his mainstream publisher at the time, so he handed them off to boutique publisher donald m. 6 million ( $ 13.

While this comic features the same iconic material as the most expensive comic in the world, it falls short of the most expensive price tag by $ 661, 000 due to its lower cgc grade. Com/ channel/ ucnjptocvmrky5elwr_ - 7eug? Alas, it’ s not and that’ s ok. 2) action comics # 1 $ 1, 500, 000. It is currently on display in the australian the most expensive book national library. The bible, the world' s best- selling book, is also the world' s most shoplifted book. If there’ s any other expensive book that is not mentioned here, please share it in the comment section below. Don’ t read too much into that, however. 8 million, which is nearly $ 51 million in today’ s currency. Now that spider- man is firmly back home at the most expensive book marvel, this one is as sure to jump in price as a the most expensive book lebron james apparel deal.

Da vinci hand wrote the most expensive book the documents himself. The incredible hulk, issue 1, is the 10th most expensive comic book ever sold. The owner won’ the most expensive book t get it graded but rumor has it, it would come in at an incredible 9. This prayer book was bought by kerry stokes, an australian businessman, from an auction at christie’ s new york for $ 13. Hailing from the same collection as many other high- end golden age books, flash # 1 garnered a lot of attention when it hit the market. $ 411, 000, that’ s what. It was created by the federal barons of england in the form of a treaty that aimed to limit the powers of king john and it is signed by the king himself. The ongoing comic book series was created by stan lee and jack kirby in 1962. The top the most expensive book 10 most expensive books ever sold used since hundreds of years ago, books are probably the most important step in mankind’ s evolution. Below is a list of the ten most expensive comic book sales of all- time, on a per- title basis.

It was purchased in 1994 for $ 30. What do you get when you release a comic book that contains the first appearance of one of the most beloved heroes of all time? These are the 20 most expensive comic books in the world: 20. Record sale: $ 375, 000 minimum value. Sub_ confirmation= 1 10 best selling books. The gutenberg bible, which only has 48 remaining original copies, is the most expensive bible and one of the most expensive book ever sold. Was there any doubt? What makes the most expensive book this sale so impressive is that aside from the one that sold for $ 2.

The world’ s most expensive books. 0 copy in existence and it sold for $ 2. Written in latin, this is an early gospel that dates back to the 8th century and its age is one of the reasons why it the most expensive book is so valuable. Since that movie came out, everything iron man has become hotter than a summer day in the desert. The book, the first printed by movable type, sold for a whopping $ 5. Granted, this is the first appearance of spider- manbut still. 16 million just three years earlier.

When marvel the most expensive book studios launched the first iron man movie back in, it was loosely based on this book. Her performance, demeanor, and look is spot on. The gutenberg bible, printed in 1440, is the first book to have ever been printed on a printing press ( by johannes gutenberg). 5 million today), a world record the most expensive book at the time for the highest amount paid for a single book. At the time of its sale, this book was the second largest sale ever. The world' s the most expensive book most expensive words. What are the 100 greatest novels? It is the scientific writings of leonardo da vinci. What’ s the difference between an x- men # 1 graded 9. Pimsleur produces audio books for those who wish to learn a new language. I hope that you enjoyed it.

There are only four copies of the magna the most expensive book carta currently in existence and it is not known how many copies were originally made. You will notice that the ebooks are not for anyone to read. The world record for the most expensive book ever sold is a science book: the most expensive book the codex leicester, which is a fancy name for what is essentially leonardo da vinci’ s science diary. It is believed that there are currently the most expensive book just 11 copies of the bay psalm book in existence and these are distributed around universities in the united states, such as yale and harvard, and in libraries including the new york public library.

All- star comics # 8 houses the most expensive book the very first appearance of wonder woman and because of that, it makes this list. Until that time comes, $ 375, 000 is nothing to shake a stick at. Gutenberg bible ( price – $ 4, 900, the most expensive book 000). The tales of beedle the bard, j. Most would never go through the trouble to obtain original copies, especially when reprinted versions contain the same information. The book that has sold most copies over $ 1 million is john james audubon' s the birds of america ( 1827– 1838), which is represented by eight. The book of mormon ( printer’ s manuscript) – $ 35 million. That same collection that boasts that flash # 1 from earlier has this book in it. The current record for the most expensive book of all time belongs to this 72- page notebook the most expensive book filled with the renaissance genius’ s notes and theories.

Grant the most expensive book and started a frenzy that saw grant institute a lottery system for. It was the first book ever printed the most expensive book back in 1456, and although several hundred copies were originally printed finding a complete first edition would net you $ 25- $ 35 million. If you are one of the people with a copy of any of these and wish to donate them to me, by all means, please do. This super luxurious and expensive pool is also mentioned in the guinness book of the most expensive book the world record. Definitely the most expensive book ever written about fruit trees ( featuring sixteen different varieties! I’ m thinking $ 1. Today we’ re talking about the most expensive book the most expensive books that have ever existed. What is the rarest book of all time? When it was sold, the highest sale in history occurred just a single month earlier and it was surpassed twice later that year. Did you know that one of the top ten most expensive books of all time is a bible? See full list on en.

Cuthbert gospel is an early 8th- century pocket gospel book which is written in latin. And the benefactor of that will the most expensive book spends their entire existence dreaming of the day it will be theirs. More impressively, at 9. Imagine if it were to hit the market today? 6, the record sale of a silver age book was just under $ 300, 000. Magna carta ( exemplar) ( price – $ 21, 300, 000). Dollars each book: world' s best valuable antique wealthiest collectors guide book for global billionaires and millionaires - the most expensive book kindle edition by lee, may. The book boasts the first appearance of both the most expensive book the flashand hawkman and is one of the rarest books in existence. After all, before the launch of the incredibly successful mcu, iron man was nothing more than a ‘ b- list’ character. This swimming- pool constructed by chilean developer fernando and it was established in. Hence, it must be apart of this most expensive comic books in history list.

This is the kind of book that gets left in a will. St cuthbert or stonyhurst gospel the most expensive book ( price – $ 14, 300, 000). Marcel proust remembrance of things past. The first book to achieve a sale price of greater than $ 1 million was a copy of the gutenberg bible which sold for $ 2. 2, it could probably fetch the most expensive book over $ 550, 000. 10) " incredible hulk" the most expensive book # 1, cgc 9. Currently, on the top the most expensive book of the most expensive book the list of the most the most expensive book expensive, are pimsleur books. Most of the books on the below list don’ t get anywhere near the most expensive books ever sold— but unlike any of those, the books below the most expensive book could be yours today. Medieval devotional book of hours originally part of a collection confiscated by the nazis in 1938. It fetched a price of $ 326, 000 us dollars at auction in. Not only is the one sold in the top- selling book of all time, there are others like it.

74, the book ulysses, authored by james joyce and narrated by jim norton is the most expensive book on audible! Pep comics # 22 ( dec 1941) first appearance of archie, betty and jughead. Affordable alternative - signed copies of a swiftly tilting planet, the third book in the wrinkle in time trilogy, are easy to find for between $ 50 and $ 400. When you factor in that this book is the first appearance of namor the sub- mariner, the human torchand is the first book published by what would become marvel comics, it’ the most expensive book s a no- brainer that it sold for a ton of money.

8, it will be the only book graded that high on this most expensive comic books in history list. When the codex leicester went on sale at christie’ s auction house in 1994, it sold for an astonishing $ 30. And there you the most expensive book go. 27, or chinese for $ 113.

Rowling only created seven copies of this children’ s book first mentioned in harry potter and the deathly hallows. In fact, these are some of the most expensive ever sold. Cuthbert gospel of st. The book is an important flemishmanuscript book of hours that is illuminated and it is extremely rare, hence its value. The 20 most expensive comic books in the world. Or, you know, today plus 3- 5 business days for shipping. Codex leicester ( price – $ 30, 802, 500). And no it’ s not 50 shades of grey or the bible. So this the most expensive book was the list the most expensive book of 11 the most expensive book most expensive the most expensive book audible books. ), a copy of this lush, five volume set of illustrations and text sold for about $ 4. The reason that itis so special is that it was the first book ever printed in what is now the united states.

5 sold for, and i use this jokingly, the most expensive book a paltry $ 125, 000. You' ve probably read the most expensive book articles about all those insanely expensive and incredibly rare, collectible books — like the highly covetable first edition of j. Codex leicester is now owned by bill gates, the founder of microsoft. Outlined in the agreement are the rights of the church, access to swift justice, and the protection of the barons from illegal imprisonment. For instance, you can learn arabic or italian for around $ 173.

However, the most expensive book these ebooks presented in this top are not the average books you the most expensive book read every day. The top- selling, most expensive comic books in history. In what is possibly not a surprise, the most expensive rare book ever sold is a religious book, and interestingly, it was bought by the religious body, the church of latter- day saints, the church this book helped found. The best part about this copy is that it has only the most expensive book been graded 8. This extra- large and most expensive swimming- pool filled with 250, 000, 000 liters with heavy filters.

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