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The repressed love between 2b and 9s is heartbreaking to witness in the latter half of the game. She' s easily one of the least fleshed out characters, and her presence feels like she' s just a patch job to get around their decision to kill 2b. Anime and manga genos; end game 2b and 9s; 2b and 9s have access to all weapons, plug- in chips, and. Since i don’ t know about the other endings, i can’ t say but what i do know is that there’ s one ending 9s vs 2b nier book where 9s abandons 2b to pursue a life of research.

See more videos for 9s vs 2b nier book. Nier automata nier automata meme yorha 9s 9s yorha 2b 2b yorha a2 9s vs 2b nier book 9s vs 2b nier book a pod 153 nier commander nier pascal nier adam and eve 1, 363 notes jun 23rd, open in app. Yorha is destroyed, humanity is extinct and all that' s left were the resistance and the machines. See more ideas about nier automata, automata, neir automata. Available in a range of colour. Boss fight 9s vs 2b nier book database 256, 142 views. 2b and i- - - our battle will continue for some time to come. She growled and stared at it. " wow, if you read between the lines, and do that one sidequest, you' ll know that she has killed 9s a bunch of times and feels bad about it! This is 9s during his fight with a2 but is in peak condition( no logic virus). A2 > 9s and 2b at the same time.

In this event you clear event stages to obtain nier medals that can be exchanged for materials and rewards. Nier: automata ( very hard) emil' s determination/ emil heads lv99 boss - fast kill a2 berserk - duration: 5: 38. " 9s at the end of route b. For nier: automata on the playstation 4, a gamefaqs message board topic titled " a2 vs 2b vs 9s" - page 2. Automata takes place thousands of the years after the original nier, telling the 9s vs 2b nier book story of androids 2b, 9s, and a2 as they battle foreign machine lifeforms in a proxy war between humanity and alien invaders. Memory of dolls is a nier: automata collaboration event featuring 2b, 9s, a2, and emil from nier: automata.

Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a 9s vs 2b nier book page. The same applies here to nier. We need to see if 9s’ s treatment of 2b stays consistent for all endings. Includes many ocs. 2b/ 9s ( nier: automata) 2b ( nier: automata) 9s ( nier: automata) a2 ( nier: automata) anemone ( nier: automata) ocs; summary [ nier automata ending ' e' spoilers] an after- 9s vs 2b nier book ending [ e] sequel of sorts. Automata takes place thousands of the years after the original nier, telling the story of androids 2b, 9s, and a2 as they battle foreign machine lifeforms in a proxy war between humanity and alien invaders. Discussions on the games, art books, drama cds, musical scores, live concerts, the talent behind the games, and future of the series. O; bonus round: genos vs 2b and 9s. Switches character perspective between breaks.

There are a lot of canon histories in concerts, books and stage play. It had a deep and memorable atmosphere about depression and existentialism and the way it tells 9s vs 2b nier book its story is one of the most unique and interesting presentations in the gaming industry. Interestingly enough, 9s' s playthrough of nier automata seems to have different themes and implications altogether. Sol1dpaul 37, 283 views.

This ending is a major check off against 9s. Uh yes i know that a2 > 9s & 2b. Even at the end when a2 9s vs 2b nier book mentions that 9s already knew about 2b being 2e, 9s says that she doesn’ t understand their relationship. They failed in their. Fared better against 9s vs 2b nier book 2b 9s vs 2b nier book and 9s than 9s vs 2b nier book any other boss save for a2, rendering their near- field combat systems nonoperational and breaking 2b' s sword) speed : at least superhuman with at least massively hypersonic combat speed and reactions ( comparable to 9s, who can pilot his flight unit at this speed ). This event has 12 verses that can be cleared on normal mode and hard mode. I was completely uninvested in what happens 9s vs 2b nier book to her. Nier medals will drop when completing each verse.

9 - nier automata. Designed to end is a nier: automata fanfiction set before the events of the game, following 2b, 9s, and a2 as their paths take them towards the event of yoko taro' 9s vs 2b nier book s master work. 9s was their as well, sitting on her bed side looking her. This is my interpretation of what happened, and i don’ t think 9s ever really hated 2b. 9s 9s vs 2b nier book is a scanner type android who. Rules: 2b is in her anti- yorha mode.

Nier: automata – supporting a2 and 9s. After 2b, 9s and a2 were rebuilt and 9s vs 2b nier book 9s vs 2b nier book revived by their pods there was nothing left for them to do. 2b ( short for " yorha no. 9 type s 9s vs 2b nier book ( scanner) or 9s is the protagonist of branches b and d in nier: automata, as well as one of the main antagonists and final boss of branch c. I think he understood 2b’ s circumstances. And counter the hacking of 9s to kill him with him own power. But that' s another story for another day. When nier: automata was released back in, it quickly became regarded as one of the best action games of the decade. High quality 9s vs 2b nier book nier 2b gifts and merchandise. R/ nier a 9s vs 2b nier book community for fans of the square enix series which includes; nier/ nier: automata and drakengard trilogy.

Pomutre nier automata cosplay 2b 9s portable bluetooth speaker wireless loudspeaker sound system 10w stereo music surround waterproof game cos music player 3. More 9s vs 2b nier book images This fanfiction contains smut, violence, plenty of existential angst, as well as massive spoilers for the whole game. 2b' s flight unit message to 9s, the fact that she was the 1 that gave him the nickname " nines", their interactions in game and in the novels, 9s getting flustered when 2b says his " voice is calming" during her reactivation after the prologue, 2b getting jealous of the e unit during the amnesia side quest ( it' s jealousy, and nothing more. Round 1: pods are involvedround 2: pod. Her type b designation indicates that she specializes in front- line combat, and she is able to wield two weapons and use a large variety of com. She has some interesting interactions with the pod, but besides that, i' m pretty sure her only purpose is to let you play as someone other than 9s. [ question: where did 9s 9s vs 2b nier book get those " dad" things? Nier automata: 9s boss fight and ending c - duration: 9: 9s vs 2b nier book 26. Inspired designs on t- shirts, posters, stickers, home decor, and more by independent artists and designers from around the world.

A2 defeated 9s 9s vs 2b nier book and 2b for 3 or 4 times. It' s all new original material minus emil' s recollections 9s vs 2b nier book which is an adaption of the side quest in nier automata and ending y. Genos and 2b start out 12 meters apart; win by death, or k. 9s said quietly as he held his 9s vs 2b nier book hand to his chin. While 2b remained largely complacent, 9s learns much of yorha' 9s vs 2b nier book s secrets, and after 2b dies he 9s vs 2b nier book loses control of his emotions. 2 type b" ) is the protagonist in the video game nier: automata. 9s reaction to 2b’ s compliment during her maintenance at the start of the game, him suggesting to go shopping together and buy 2b a t- shirt is what old humans used to call 9s vs 2b nier book a date. Whichever way players choose to acquire the 9s or 2b outfit, they' ll add a splash of nier automata' s neo- victorian style into the classic mmorpg, a unique style that we' re unlikely to see again. No need to make such a face. Anyways, i’ ll finish. Picture books are visual pieces of story information that you acquire as you play the game.

A community for fans of the square enix series which includes; nier/ nier: automata and drakengard trilogy. She plays very similarly to 2b, though she has a much longer dash than her, and she comes packed with a cool berserker mode, as well. ] 2b seemed annoyed by her pod. A humanoid combat android created as part of the yorha squadron, her 9s vs 2b nier book mission 9s vs 2b nier book is to liberate earth from hostile machine lifeforms created by an unnamed alien race. What im asking is if 9s is close to a2' s strength & if he is stronger 9s vs 2b nier book than 2b. Their purpose varies by game. This battle will likely have a great effect on the outcome of the war. " well, i didn' t do that quest, and she was still as boring as a plank of wood. Over the course of many battles he had 9s vs 2b nier book grown to love her.

He was always more angry at a2, yorha, or the machines. 7 out of 5 stars 4 $ 28. Read novel nier: automata hope written by brandon_ choi, rating: 0, category: anime & comics, tag: 2b, nier automata, a2. I' d say yes, it' s a romantic relationship. Fictional character. Explore aki_ mika' s board " 2b x 9s vs 2b nier book 9s", followed by 626 people on pinterest. " 9s explained, " i got those ' dad' things 9s vs 2b nier book from some books about human' s family. Androids are a recurring race in the nier and drakengard series. 2b flight unit message 9s vs 2b nier book sounds like an awkward confession especially considering that memories are the most important thing androids could have. When you first get hacked by simone, the glitches, the a2 vs 9s fight when you play and hack as 9s, the final, true ending e boss.

I found her kind of lame. Picture books in nier: automata will be shown here. Under the command of yorha, an android military program, they fight on behalf of human refugees sheltered on the moon, all the while. 1 project gestalt 2 yorha 3 notable characters 4 other characters devola and popola are revealed at the end of nier to be androids, and that their purpose was to monitor the replicants and facilitate project gestalt, along with many other devola' s and popola' s in other cities. Nier: automata: short story long is a collection of short stories written by game director yoko taro and novelist jun eishima. Boss fights; ff7r < nier: automata- - a big part of this is admittedly cuz i enjoy n: a' s combat more, but i also feel automata did a lot of 9s vs 2b nier book really interesting things with its boss fights. He loved her for her cruelty towards the machines, how coldness, her beauty unmatched by other androids. I felt nothing when she died.

Shop high- quality unique nier t- shirts designed and sold by artists. 9s narrates 2b' s makeup tutorial featuring kyle mccarley - duration: 9: 13. 2b is as boring as a plank of wood. Focuses mostly on 2b, 9s, a2, and occasionally a group of four ocs. 9s and 2b had a rare occasion to rest in between missions and 2b planned to spend part of that resting on her bed.

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